Get Pixel Color on MO6

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Re: Get Pixel Color on MO6

Message par Garland » 12 juin 2019 14:25

ADR = VARPTR(L%) ' get LSB address '2A6D 2AAC
POKE &H433D, ADR@256 ' integer division to get MSB of address
POKE &H433E, ADR AND 255 ' bit mask to get LSB of address

Sometimes this code doesn't put $XXXX but #$XXXX (wrote as immediate) in the address, i see it on debugger.

If the code has to put $2A6D for instance, i see it in the debugger as #$2A6D , not $2A6D.

Then the USR fails because #$XXXX is not $XXXX. Do you guess why this could happen?

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Re: Get Pixel Color on MO6

Message par __sam__ » 12 juin 2019 19:24

Having #$XXXX is an error. It should not happen. It is likely that your asm-code is being trashed while in use. This raises the question: did you protect your asm-code from being trashed by the basic interpreter with the CLEAR command in the very beginning of the basic program ?
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