[MO6] Beat'em up clone wip

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[MO6] Beat'em up clone wip

Message par Garland » 25 oct. 2018 20:03

Hi guys,
i'm currently working on a Kung Fu Master clone prototype for MO6 with 6809. So far i have a scrolling tiled background and up to 4, 5 enemies on screen and i'm still under the 20.000 cycles to render a frame.

But i need some suggestions :)

1) Asset Handling - i currently have my sprites as a FCB Matrix, so i would move all this stuff to some other addresses because the bytecode is already near 8K. I would keep my code at 4000-5FFFF, use 6000-9FFF for double buffer and from B000 to store the assets. What's the best pratice to do this ?

2) Transparent pixels - i have no room for sprite masks. I would use a byte to store a bank of 8 pixels (on/off) but then i'd need to read it bit for bit while i know my transparent color has always a C value. So i came up with another routine where first i check the 4 bits each on left and right of the color byte to find if it's a C, then in this case i blend the 4 bits with the corrispondent 4 bits on screen byte address. This is working (you can see the results on some lines in the picture) but it's damn too slow. So i don't really how to do here, because sprite masks take a lot of memory and i would find something better.


Thank you :)