Megawatt TO8 Disk

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Megawatt TO8 Disk

Message par StarshipUK » 12 août 2014 02:54

I have created a original disk copy of Megawatt

The game is not loading in mode 1 or 2 and neither Megawatt I or Megawatt II will load.
There is lots of disk activity from the drive when the game is trying to load.

I have tried two different disks and both are not working in the same way.

Is there a way to fix this please?

I have tried 40 games disks now, and this is one of the few that is not working for me.

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Re: Megawatt TO8 Disk

Message par Daniel » 12 août 2014 13:59

Megawatt TO8 disk is copy protected. The protection must be removed in order to run the game on the real TO8.

I guess this protection uses direct access to the disk controller. This is why the game runs with dcmoto, since the emulator doesn't support direct access. But I'm not sure, it's just my guess. Disassembling the loader is the only way to understand the protection and find a workaround.
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