[C64/128] TapeCart SD

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[C64/128] TapeCart SD

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Tapecart SD is similar to TAPuino but it doesn't save TAP files.
It loads .TCRT and .PRG files instead at incredible speeds, faster than Tapuino,SD2IEC,PI1541.
It also can load TAP files with original slow speed with the flashed TAP support branch.

This device is based on 5 open source projects. Thanks to the creator and developers of the following:

Tapuino by sweetlilmre
Tapecart by Unseen and enthusi
Tapecart SD by KimJorgensen
Tapecart SD TAP support branch by Kasbert
DraBrowse by Draco

No cable and no external power supply is required, just connect it to the cassette port.
No tiny screen and no buttons are required. You will use the built in browser to easily find what you want.

All you need is a micro-SD card formated to FAT32 (exFAT is not supported).

Link to open source project: https://github.com/KimJorgensen/tapecart
Link to with TAP support branch which is already flashed on the device: https://github.com/rainisto/tapecart/tr ... ap_support

La mise à jour en 1.4 ici : https://github.com/rainisto/tapecart/re ... g/v1.4-TAP