Word/Excel for OS/2 PM in French-language

Tout ce qui concerne le logiciel original et sa sauvegarde avec entre autre la régénération des disquettes ou autres supports physiques.

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Word/Excel for OS/2 PM in French-language

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Hello everyone!

I keep looking for very rare versions of old software.
I'm interesting Word/Excel for OS/2 PM in FR-language.
PMWord/PMExcel was be don't popular, that FR-versions are losted, but it's was does exist.
I'm looking photos of disks, photos of boxes, screenshots.
May be has who disk images or binary files?

I've found some confirmations. But it's only text mentiones, without any more additional info.

https://www.ibm.com/common/ssi/ShowDoc. ... _locale=en
Are mentioned PMExcel 2.20FR and PMWord 1.10FR

https://archive.org/stream/poms-catalog ... q_djvu.txt
PMWord 1.1, PMExcel 2.21, 3.0 (i think, that talking about FR-versions, as this page in French).

Official name are "Word/Excel pour OS/2".

I think, that does exist this versions (in FR):
PMWord 1.1, 1.1b (i think, that they'd skipped 1.1a)
PMExcel 2.20, 2.21, 3.0.
May be does exist 3.0a FR, but i don't sure about this.
Excel 2.21 was be minor update for 2.2; no any 2.21 version don't found (very rare unpopular update).

Thank you for any info.
I think, my question are very hardly.

Best regards.