Les Aventures Du Ka

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Les Aventures Du Ka

Message par StarshipUK » 12 août 2014 04:09

When looking at TO8 games I saw these games which all seem to use the same graphics engine:
http://dcmoto.free.fr/programmes/_html/ ... _chip.html

They all seem to be based on a series of 6 games that were released called "Les Aventures Du Ka".

I would like to know more information about this series and Ka. Was the character and games exclusively on the Thomson Computers and is there any more information about Ka? Was Ka suppose to be a adventurer like Indiana Jones?

It seems the game series could be compared to something like the Codemasters Dizzy games.

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Re: Les Aventures Du Ka

Message par Markerror » 12 août 2014 08:01


These games are basically Amstrad CPC games. Chip has produced many CPC software (famous one like Mlm 3d or "Demain Holocause". As Thomson To8/Mo6 can display the same video resolution as the CPC (MODE 0), I suppose the boss of this software house (Carlo Perconti) has made an attempt to see if the Thomson market is interesting or not.

You can find the cpc releases here :


About the character, I think that's pure invention from the editor, The "Ka" is not a comic book hero :-).

Sorry for my bad english :oops: