Manual for MORSE KP800/16 VGA / EGA videocard ISA

Les bouquins, les scans, les pdf ou les liens qui vont bien... ici c'est la bibliothèque.

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Manual for MORSE KP800/16 VGA / EGA videocard ISA

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Got that nice card in perfect condition with original manual.
It has lots of different configurations and i think their description could be helpful for the community, because I couldn't find any manual.

Chipset: Cirrus Logic CL-GD510A-32PC-B & CL-GD520A-32PC-C

I've scanned all 50 pages with OCR + 2 photos of that graphics card (both sides) in addition.
This resulted in 2 documents, you may choose either pdf or djvu. ... sp=sharing ... sp=sharing

If you know any internet database with that stuff, please upload the manual there for the others. Thanks.

I have two more Morse manuals, for the 286 motherboard and ISA multicard, they will be scanned later.